It has been observed that there is a steady flow in the active participation of women in the gambling industry. The good news is that it keeps increasing every month. As internet casinos continue to spread across the net and become legalized and legitimate, and the demand for these sites have increased dramatically. This increase is mainly due to more women who are trying their luck online. To this date, the trend has affected more women as compared to the overall number of gamblers.

Many publications have reported that women make up the increased playing population of online casino gambling. Papers report that women are attracted to the accessibility and convenience of the online casino. Many women are also attracted to the fact that it allows them an enormous amount of anonymity and secrecy when they gamble. This may very well be the major pulling factor of the online gaming industry as far as women are concerned.

In the past, women only consisted of a small minority of the gambling community. Online casinos have provided women the opportunity to expand their group into a large but silent majority of online players. These internet casinos provided the outlet for many women to release their desires to gamble online while still retaining control over household matters.

On researched habits of women gamblers, it is discovered that women preferred to do high stakes betting more than men. It was a startling discovery since women were always thought of to be demure and obedient. Women have a preference for risking higher amounts and have indicated preferences to fast paced games like wheel of fortune and bingo. Women believe that fast games would make them fast winners. It was also noted that many women liked to play games that were very visual like fruit games in slots machines.

Women currently comprise up to 72% of online casino members and most of them are online casino winners.

Gambling is an activity that many women prefer to do alone. They view gambling as a satisfying event rather than small episodes in their lives. Compared to men who only see gambling as a one time deal, women see gambling as an entire series of events leading to a climax. Many women feel empowered as they are able to make these decisions on their own. Women like the way gambling fits into their social entertainment lives. For them, it is the ultimate way of self expression.

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